About Us

 Welcome! My name is Laura Voldan Calhoun and I’ve developed this amazingly unique bra. It provides comfort, support, and relief, far beyond an everyday standard bra, in a simple way. Cushioned pads, pre-sewn into the bra, are placed underneath each breast into the skin fold. 

Warm moist skin under the breasts is an ideal breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections. When skin sticks together in a skin fold, moisture increases, and friction can lead to inflammation and skin damage which can cause breaks in the skin and allow infection to enter. Problems encountered include rashes, sores, bumps, itching, stinging, burning, tenderness, bleeding, foul odor, and pain in the affected area.

This bra’s 1” thick x 5” wide pads lifts each breast up, prevents skin to skin contact, and alleviates friction and excessive chafing. The pads absorb perspiration, allow air circulation, and soothe and protect the underside of the breasts.

Each pad is covered with a moisture wicking fabric to wick away excess moisture from the skin fold. When the skin fold is drier it can help prevent the problems listed above.

I developed this concept when I worked as a Healthcare Coordinator for an Independent Living Home. Here I encountered several women with painful red rashes under their breasts. All were using a prescription powder. The rashes weren’t healing and the excessive perspiration turned the powder to paste. I attempted to keep the skin fold as dry as possible by sticking two sanitary napkins together and placing them under the breasts. It worked!!!! But I knew there had to be a better solution as these pads weren’t secured to anything and they not only could shift, but even more embarrassing, could fall out. About a year later I moved into a home where I had to mow a large lawn. Not a problem for most, but due to my lifelong heat intolerance I was sweating profusely. Upon finishing, and before showering, I was just trying to cool down and relax for a few minutes and I could feel the sweat under my breasts running down. I was wearing a bulky t-shirt and began to bunch up the shirt and stick it underneath my bra, in the skin fold. I sat back and said to myself, “This feels absolutely amazing!” Everything felt soft, snug, secure, and much drier. That’s when I knew I needed to develop a bra with this feature, not only for comfort, but also to help women with issues like the women I encountered.  If you’d like an idea of how this bra might feel, take the current shirt you have on, the bulkier the better, and bunch it up under your breasts in the skin fold and tell me that doesn’t feel better!!!

After I received my patent and designed a prototype, I presented the bra to my primary care MD and my Gynecologist and they both loved the bra! They said it would benefit so many women and would definitely recommend it to their patients!


Thank You So Very Much for Your Support & Business,

Laura Voldan Calhoun


Please Note:  If you have any signs of infection, visit a doctor as soon as possible.